FileLoader Released

FileLoader Released
by jenkey1002

Change log version : full version
Updated plugin : 
Speed module now works on lastest patch
New addition option to use Nvidia CUDA for speed-up kit loading
Apkloader.dll : 
Improve speed : loading edited apk file is about 10% faster
Gameplay.dll : 
Updated some values fit with lastest game version
Gameplay slider works properly now 
Fixed some bugs
Faceloader.dll : 
Fixed bug when using with DLC 3.00
Available plugin : 
APKloader : allow to use modified texture in APK crypted file
KitLoader.dll : Manage kits with GDB system, supports PNG kit
FaceLoader.dll : Assign face & hair for player, manage with GDB system, support custom skin texture
Lodmixer.dll : Misc visual tweaks, change screen resolution, enforce picture quality...
SongLoader.dll : Allow to add & playback hca file ingame
VideoLoader.dll : Addition feature for fileloader can load video file (.usm)
Gameplay.dll : Included many options & slider allow to adjust gameplay's values with opinion
Speeder.dll : Increase or decrease gameplay speed, improve performance, fix some system's bugs
How to enable Nvidia CUDA acceleration (for Nvidia graphic card only)
Add these line to "GDB\uni\map.txt"
[setting]Nvidia.Cuda = 1 



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