MyPES V0.3 Patch / PES2016

Changes in 0.3 Version:
- Real forms for all teams Championship (second League England)
- Real forms for all Portuguese Cup teams 
- Real form Sassuolo 
- third set of forms for Real Madrid and Barcelona
- Changes in the selector: 
- Selector translated into English 
- Added 3D emblem
 - Posted 9 TV Popas option 
- Disable / in Ball cursor 
- off / on with the suggestive standard terms 
- Select the type of display offside line 
- High definition screen on the door 
- real names for the national team of Ukraine

Changes in 0.2 Version:
- Added a selector
- Royal emblems for all teams, championships and cups
- Real names for all teams, championships and cups (Rus and Eng)
- Real forms for all teams
- Correctly configure all the colors of the icons on the radar colored T sootvetvtii
- Real way for judges
- New turf to choose from in the selector
- Option to disable the fans for the weak PC 0.1 changes: 
- Fully licensed by the Premier League, which includes: 
- Realny logo Liga - Real names for all teams 
- royal emblems for all teams
 - Realnye forms for all teams
 - additional sets of forms for some teams
 - real way for the Russian team How to Install: 
- Run the installer and follow the program Notes:
 - If you are not running a selector, you must install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 - Run With selector administrator all manufacturers whose works were used in the patch



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