Smoke Patch X | V10.1.1 | PES2018 | Released [03.11.2017]

➧Added Full bundesliga 2018
➧Added Congo DR
➧Fixed Dlc boots
➧Fixed some formations bug
➧Fixed some kits
➧Other enhancements

Added Bundesliga
Bundesliga is now available in pes 2018 smoke patch X, all teams added with all relevant files, including correct team squads, kits and emblems.
all the teams have the correct original Konami ID, this means a new master league is required.

Fixed DLC boots
Added DLC boots in the last version were not showing correctly, some files were misplaced but now is fixed and showing correctly

Fixed Formations
A problem with some formations was reported, we reviewed the database formation and now is working properly.

New Master league and BL is required
Due to some ID changes to match the correct original konami ID, starting a new modes is required because bugs will show in old saves, start new modes after installing this version to avoid (original players) bug and other possible problems.
Next versions will not have this issue, so saves with this version can continue without any problems.

Smoke Patch Team

This version 10.1.1 it´s ALL IN ONE.
Don´t need previous versions of the patch.




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