Execo19 Patch | PES2019 | PC | By Smoke Patch

➧ Includes all konami Data Packs.
➧Real names for all players.
➧Real names logo for all teams [added real adboards for all stadiums].
➧Added Bayern Munich.
➧Real kits for all teams- added more real faces.
➧Added and updated a lot of real faces and minifaces.
➧Added real balls.
➧Added 100 boots and 30 gloves.

[Real name for all players]
Due to licences with konami, a lot of teams have players fake names, mostly some Brazilian teams and national teams, in smoke patch we edit the names to have all players correct.
players also have correct ID, no fake ID present in the patch.
added and enhanced a lot of minifaces, used in execo18.

[Real name and logo for all teams]
Teams that do not have licence have fake names and logo, smoke patch edit all the teams names to be correct and add their correct logo.

[Added Bayern Munchin]
Usually in the first version we do not add any new teams, but since bayern munich have a wide fan base it must be present in the game, a lot of more teams will be added in future versions.
The team is added with correct attributes, real kits and correct formation and tactics.

[Added Real kits for all teams]
Teams without a licence do not have real kits in the game, smoke patch replaces the fake kits with real kits for all the unlicensed teams.
We recreated all the added kits specially for execo19.

[Added real ad-boards]
We have converted the default ad-boards from execo18, all stadiums should have this applied, we will enhance and add more in future versions.

[Added more real faces]
Smoke patch converted about 200 more real faces from previous version and added them to execo19, we will add more in future versions.

[Added Real balls]
We have created 20 new balls specially for pes 2019, balls are added for most of the leagues, we added ball for these leagues (Argentine, England both divisions, Spain, Italy, Germany, Chile, champions league, Europa league, world cup, copa america, euro, Portugal, Netherlands, and other special edition balls)

[Added more boots and gloves]
We have used all the currently available slots for boots and gloves, we have added 100 new boots and 30 new gloves, we might update them in future versions.

[Offline and konami live update]
We create the patch focusing on offline gaming, when you play online the game will use konami live update data to ensure all players have the same database, so the patch features will not be present such as team names and logo, however some features will remain such as kits, faces, ...)
In offline mode you have the option to use live update or smoke patch update, switch between them in team select by pressing the right analogue stick.

➧Extract All files.
➧Run "SetupExeco19.exe" as Administrator.
➧Run the installer and choose PES 2019 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.
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