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EvoSwitcher | V5.2 | PES2019 | DLC 6.0 | PC | Steam | CPY

New Menu Skin @FuNZoTiK
EvoSwitcher special skin with background
No special startscreen so you can still use the one you want
Updated and Added New Entrances @Andò12345 , @FuNZoTiK
Serie A, SPFL, Scottish Cup
Updated Graphics with Competitions Backgrounds @Andò12345 , @PESMaster01 , @FuNZoTiK , @JustusJonas1
AFC Asian Cup, AFC Champions League, Africa Cup of Nations, Brasileiro Serie A, Bundesliga, Campeonato Scotiabank, China Super League, Community Shield, Copa America, Copa Argentina, Copa Chile, Copa del Rey, Copa do Brasil, Copa Libertadores, Coppa Italia, Coupe de France, Danish Superliga, DBU Pokalen, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, EFL, Eredivisie, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, FIFA World Cup, International Champions Cup, Johan Cruyff Shield, Jupiler Pro League, KNVB Beker, LaLiga, Liga NOS, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Premier League, Russian Premier League, Scottish Cup, Serie A, SPFL, Super Lig, Supercopa Argentina, Supercopa de Espana, Supercoppa Italiana, Superliga Argentina, Taca de Portugal, Trophee des Champions, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Euro, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup
Updated Press Rooms @erol.kopuz16
Automatic competitions + teams assignement
Fixed Scoreboards @spursfan18
Community Shield + FA Cup teams logos fixed
Fixed Stadiums Entrances @FuNZoTiK
Celtik Park
Ibrox Stadium
Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium
Updated Sider to 5.4.2 version @juce

👍Fixed Scoreboards.

👍Fixed EvoAnthems
👍Fixed EvoDecode run together.

Fixed Kits Season 2019-20

👍Updated Scoreboards By @FuNZoTiK
Already set for competitions + randoms for exhibition
You can use the sider overlay (use space bar) to choose between all scoreboards (Exb+ML versions)
👍Added New Balls By @Trokut
Champions League + Europa League balls
👍Fixed & Added New Entrances By @FuNZoTiK
EFL Championship + EFL Play-Offs with modded trophy, fixed UEFA Super Cup
👍Fixed Cornerflags By @FuNZoTiK
EFL Play-Offs
👍Updated Referee Kits By @FuNZoTiK
Adidas generics for exhibition
You can use the sider overlay (use space bar) to choose between all referee kits
👍Added New ML Graphics By @1002MB, @Andò12345, @DarkEagle, @FuNZoTiK, @Hova_Useless, @muliad10fficial, @Nahue
AFC Champions League, Bundesliga, China Super League, Community Shield, Copa Argentina, Copa del Rey, Copa Libertadores, Coppa Italia, Danish Superliga, DBU Pokalen, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, EFL, Eredivisie, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, LaLiga, Scottish Cup, Serie A, SPFL, Supercopa Argentina, Supercopa de Espana, Supercoppa Italiana, Superliga Argentina
👍Added New Press Rooms By @Andò12345
Italian teams
Already set for competitions
You can use the sider overlay (with space bar) to choose the team press room that you want
👍Added New Substitutions Boards By @Andò12345
Bundesliga, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, Camp Nou
👍Updated Tournament Menu Music By @predator002
👍Fixed stopping UEFA Champions League menu music.

👉Added New Animations @FuNZoTiK
All handing trophies fixed.
Added generic trophies for Copa Argentina, Copa Chile, Coppa Italia, Supercopa Argentina, Supercopa de Espana, Supercoppa Italiana.
Added and fixed UEFA Euro, FIFA World Cup trophies and UEFA Award (Best player in Europe).
New and different animations when winning competitions.
Special animation in UEFA Champions League (see the picture). I modelized a new 3D character. Thanks to @MJTS-140914 for his help and tutorials about Blender and Unity FMDL Studio v2.
New animation for leagues entrances : Players now do a handshake. They are taked in photo only in cups now (more realistic).
Fixed the annoying players during anthems. They look more professional now.
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup specials stadium tunnels included.
Others fixes.
👉Added New Balls @Hawke 
👉Added New Europa League Banner @spursfan18 
👉Added New Stadiumboards @Buzzy
Brasileirao Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Scottish Premiership, Serie A.
👉Added New Stadium Tunnel @Andò12345, @FuNZoTiK @Hawke, @josemiguel_miuccio, @lohan258,
UEFA Champions League + Final, UEFA Europa League + Final, UEFA Super Cup, Allianz Arena, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Etihad Stadium, Giuseppe Meazza, Johan Cruyff ArenA, Maracana, Old Trafford, Olympiastadion, Olympiastadion Hertha BSC, San Siro, Santiago Bernabeu, Signal Iduna Park, Stade de France, Stade Louis-II, Stadio Olimpico, Stadion Narodowy, Stamford Bridge, Wanda Metropolitano.
👉Added New ML Graphic @spursfan18
International Champions Cup.
👉Fixed and Added New Anthem @MJTS-140914 @OBH @predator002
AC Milan, Arsneal, Aston Villa, Barcelona, Bournmouth, Brighton, Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Juventus, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Rangers, Real Betis, Roma, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, Wolverhampton.
👉Updated and Added New Manager Kit @sayed
Manual sign via overlays based on @zlac modul.
AC Milan, Aston Villa, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid.
Updated and Added New Press Room @Ivankr Pulquero @RafaelFS98
Automatic sign for competitions and manual for teams via overlays based on @zlac module.
Angers SCO, CD Leganes, Copa Libertadores, FC Groningen, FIFA Club World Cup, Lille Olympique, Porto, Santos, Sheffield Wednesdey, West Bromwich Albion.
👉Updated and Added New Referee Kits @Hawke @zlac
Macron UEFA.
👉Updated and Added New Scoreboards @lohan258 @spursfan18 @zlac
BBC Sport, FIFA World Cup, Sky Sport, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League.
👉Updated Competition Kit @Cesc Fabregas @Glauber Silva @Hawke @zlac
Community Shield (England), Copa Del Rey (Spain), Copa Italia, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, FA Cup (England), FIFA World Club, International Champions Cup, LaLiga (Spain), Premier League (England), Serie A Tim , Super Cup (Italy), Super Cup (Spain), UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup.
👉Updated Sider 5.4.1 @juce 
👉Updated Tournament Menu Music @predator002
Volume control in-game now affects volume of the pack.
👉Support DLC6.0 / Exe 1.06
👉Working with Steam/Cpy users.


👉(Delete previous EvoSwitcher folder from "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\modules).
👉Extract and copy all files to PES 2019 Installation folder.
👉C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019

👉Delete EvoScoreboard folder from "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\modules\EvoSwitcher"
👉Delete UEFA Super Cup folder from "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\modules\EvoSwitcher\EvoEntrance"

👉Extract and copy all files / folders to the PES 2019 installation folder.

👉Just copy and replaves files

👉Delete EvoGraphic folder from "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\modules\EvoSwitcher"
👉Put EvoGraphic.lua above EvoOther.lua in sider.ini :
lua.module = "EvoSwitcher\EvoGraphic.lua"
lua.module = "EvoSwitcher\EvoOther.lua"
👉Extract and copy all files / folders to the PES 2019 installation folder.

In Game, use space bar To show options.
And use space bar again, to hide options.


[FIX 1]
Fixed Scoreboards.
[FIX 2]
Fixed EvoAnthems
Fixed EvoDecode run together.
[FIX 3]
Fixed Kits Season 2019-20


  1. amigo , ya tengo la version de steam en cpy , la hice para un video. tengo que descargar todo de nuevo ... o con la version 5.1 lo puedo volver compatible con cpy ?, gracias

    1. Sólo añafe la V5.1. Recuerda borrar esas 2 carpetas de la V5 antes de instalarla. Para correr en cpy. Tan solo ejecuta el evoswitcher pero no le des play, minimizalo y arranca el juego desde el pes2019. Exe

  2. Hola, hice todo lo del video... pero no me capta ni los scoreboards ni los estadios del stadium server :/ igual agregué los archivos stadiumserver.lua al sider.ini y tampoco :/ reinstalé y no funciona :( ya no se me ocurre que mas hacer

    1. Por el momento no funciona en su totoalidad con la versión CPY, solo se puede usar el ball server

  3. Respuestas
    1. steam version works with cpy too. But with limit things, wait for a full cpy version

  4. tengo conectado el joystick y cuando muevo la palanca para arriba se activa el menu y no me deja jugar hay alguna manera de desactivarlo? Gracias

    1. No se como arreglarlo, yo activo y desactivo el menú con el teclado, y juego normal con el joystick

  5. si tengo el pte patch el evoswitcher no es compatible con ese parche o lo puedo instalar igual?

  6. este evoswitcher trae el trofeo de la copa libertadores ?

  7. Buenas, amigo un suscriptor me aviso que el fix 3, el cual está en mega, esta caído, gracias, saludos

  8. Fix 2 y fix 3 no funcionan los links, podrían subirlos otra vez, gracias.

    1. fix2 esta online, dale donde dice "No soy un robot" y luego a "Continuar"
      fix3 esta online y resubido.

  9. how do i get the original menus and background?

  10. is this can work with smoke patch19 or not ???

  11. Is it necessary to download the previous ones before downloading the v5.2

    1. Yes, install 5.0 + 5.1 + 3fixes + 5.2 all instruccions in the post.


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