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Option File | V7.0 | PES2019 | PS4 | DLC 6.0

👉Updated all leagues
👉Compatible with DLC 6.0
👉Most clubs with HD kits (applied in G)
👉 New European Club kits
👉 New Brazilian Club kits
👉Installed 3 and 4 kits For important leagues
👉New coarch Photos for all leagues
👉Campeonato Brasileiro
👉New Other Asia
👉Liga Chinese
👉Premier League
👉Sky Bet
👉La Liga
👉Campeonato Italiano
👉Libers of America
👉Uruguayan Championship
👉J League
👉Dream Teams
👉Fixed players fakes in master league
👉Brazilian selection with new home cup kit america and updated its lineup along with new kits of the same selections
Goias with new logo
👉Many teams with alternate uniforms in these teams' folders. How is not possible
apply all in the game we leave in the folders of these teams for those who want to change, changing manually.

Emerson Pereira.
OPTION FILE V7.0 - PES2019 - PS4